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Helseth joined in Septemper 2007 in respones to the "Grace product of sexist relics" essay though he did not respond. At that point he lurked awhile due to a stupid mistake with posting. He is most active in the Interdimensonal Bar and has posted several slays

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Born to former slaves and named after King Helseth who abolished slavery in Vvardenfell, Helseth almost wished that slavery was still legal. Due to the end of slavery the job market was full of cheap labour of all races the only course occupation left open for him was that of theft. Despite being a skilled thief he never managed to amass any form of wealth due to a massive skooma adiction. With several large debts hanging over his head he was forced robbing a local mage who caught him in the act banishing him from his own dimension. Since then he's dealt with his addictionand bummed round the asorted multiverse for a few centuries, staying alive through the effects of mad alchemecy, the magical version of mad science.

Despite being clean the results of years of skooma abuse and highness in close proximity to Daedric temples have had a permanent affect on his brain causing him to blurt out random things and wind up in embarassing situations with disturbing regularity.


Helseth keeps all inventory in a pocket Dimension accessed by reaching behind his back and grabbing. This has lead to jokes of the Austin Powers variety. 1 TF Gun

1 Evolution gun

1 Squirrel Plushie

1 six pack of unlabelled soda

1 cookie covered by two of Cheez's shiny hubcaps

1 dead fish

1 dusklight

1 30-foot tall, animate, time travelling, newspaper colored yoshi plushie

1 plushie muffin.

1 yard stick with 75 centimeters missing

333 Monopoly yen

1 improved ball of ekiness

1 yarn ball of distraction

1 YO - YO


1 pair of devilishly-red-coloured sunglasses

1 shiny hubcap

1 can of mackerel

1 bag of salt and glass cookies.

1 blanket

1 case of menta; instability

A variety of magical sharp point objects

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